Product-focused Full-stack Web Developer

with a Design and Project Management background

-------- JavaScript, React, Ruby, Rails, HTML, and CSS -------- 

Creative problem-solver specializing in beautiful, user-friendly web products


Brent Gummow has been helping small business owners, artists, musicians, and non-profits find success with their web, interactive, video, exhibits, training, and live-event projects since 1997. Brent has worked for customers in freelance situations, agency settings, educational markets, and in the DIY website-building industry. 


A strong communicator with a gift for bridging the gap between the technical and the creative, Brent can comfortably discover project needs with clients, code and make design improvements to an existing product, or mentor and lead a diverse team.


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Building websites and interactive projects for over 20 years


Full Stack Software Developer with skills in JavaScript, Ruby, and React to compliment over 20 years of experience in web design, team leadership, project management, and video production. 


JavaScript, React/Redux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails •

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe CS •

Project Management, Product Ownership •

Agile, Kanban, Design Sprints •

Writing blog posts, documentation, and marketing •

Testing, training, and generating personas •

Public speaking, webinars, and screencasting •

Video/audio production and editing •